“Your body is a temple”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body”…


I’m sure you realize that this is the only body you are going to get in your life. Yes, we can soften the wrinkles, get new joints, get a pace maker to help our hearts work better, but we still only get one body. Then why is it so easy to treat it so poorly sometimes? Too many people take their bodies, and health, for granted. Is it that we are just weak human beings and we simply have no choice but to give in to our human desires and cravings? Are we innately lazy people? Do we not believe that we are what we eat? (That means I am a big bar of dark chocolate or a bathtub of ice cream!)

I know most of you have heard that food is simply fuel for your body- just like high quality gasoline is needed for our cars to perform optimally, high quality nutrition is needed to power our bodies and keep us healthy. But trust me, I am no one to talk! I’m absolutely not perfect with it. As I reflect back on the last 25 years of my nutrition, it wasn’t always good! It was easy for me to justify diet sodas and chemical sweeteners as “oh well, carcinogens over calories!”. I was too worried about the calories, so I was willing to ingest the fake stuff and chemicals. Even now I hear young adults in their 20s saying, “oh well something is going to kill me eventually anyway, I might as well enjoy it!” as they eat their processed food and drive through meals. But that sentiment isn’t as easy to swallow when you are 41, just had your first grand baby, and you’re diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It’s a huge slap in the face! UGH! Talk about a wake up call!

So what are you supposed to eat? Who do you listen to? After two decades in the fitness business I can tell you that there really isn’t just one answer! Sorry to burst your bubble! All “diets” don’t work for all people.  I’ve tried many diets- bodybuilding prep, Fat Free, Carb Free, Gluten Free, food free (JK!), Auto Immune, Paleo, yadayadayada… and had clients try too many different diets to count. One diet does NOT work for everyone! We all have different body types and metabolisms. What I am NOT a fan of is a Fad diet that one will not be able to sustain for life! My general advice for anyone is the same, and then I tweak the diet once I get the big picture with each individual. Here it is….drumroll…. eat good fats, lean proteins, complex carbs/whole grains, fruits and veggies, avoid processed foods and sugar (ugh!), and moderate alcohol intake (3 glasses of wine a night is NOT moderate!) Ultimately eat REAL FOOD!!! And control your portions! I CAN tell you that my favorite “diets” are Mediterranean and Paleo for myself and most people.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen! Sorry I just couldn’t help myself;) I have a challenge for you this week: what is one of your bad habits with food? Do you have a “naughty” food that you know isn’t good for you, your weight, or your health?? Try doing what we suggest to our clients- go six days without it and save it for a little “cheat” on the 7th day. You might notice that you lose your craving for it, or that it doesn’t make you feel good when you do eat it on the 7th day. You don’t have to jump all in, change everything about your current way of eating, and go super strict right out of the gate. Just one little change this week. You can do it! And do some research on different plans out there that you think you can stick to. In the future, I’d be happy to dive further into diets! Try making better choices this week- MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! And next…I’ll try to inspire you to get that body moving! Peace out!


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