Need a little post-Christmas booty workout???

Hello faithful blog readers! My hope is that you all had a very blessed Christmas, and that you enjoyed every moment of making holiday memories with your loved ones as much as I did! And, if you’re anything like me, you overindulged in all of the holiday goodies- and enjoyed every bite of it (or sip!) I might as well have just taken my homemade cinnamon rolls and attached them directly to my butt! But that wouldn’t have been as much fun as enjoying eating them a couple times a day until they were out of my house! It has been awhile since I have done a workout blog, so here is a little “quickie but goodie” for you to enjoy as you wrap up 2017. This can be done in less than 10 minutes, and it can stand alone as your quick glute workout if you don’t have time for anything else. These exercises can be done with or without a weight in one hand. I usually hold a 15 pound dumbbell or kettlebell, but people often get sore with this booty set no matter what. These will help tone and lift your booty- and maybe work off a few of those holiday indulgences😉 Shoot for 10-12 reps of each exercise, on one leg. Do the giant set (all exercises in succession) with one leg, then switch legs. By the time you’re on the third exercise, your booty/hip should be feeling the burn on the working leg. Take a minute to rest/stretch, rinse and repeat. Try to do three sets total.

Curtsy Lunge-

Start by standing with feet together and weight in right hand. With your bodyweight staying on your right leg, reach your left foot back and to the right, and bend left knee towards the floor. Return your left foot back to starting position by pushing off of your right leg through the booty, keeping hips and shoulders square the entire movement. To keep my knees happy, I often don’t have as big as a sideways curtsy as some of my clients- my back foot often finds itself just slightly to the outside of my standing hip. Pay attention to your range of motion and specific needs. 

“One Leg” Stiff Legged Deadlifts-

This is a variation of a typical Stiff Legged Deadlift. It targets the hamstrings and the booty, and is great for stabilizing/strengthening the hips. It is also great for balance! Don’t feel bad if you do a little wobbling as you get these down. Standing with the feet together and weight in the right hand, slowly hinge at the hips and lift left leg in the air. Keep the hips and shoulders square and look straight ahead or gaze slightly down. Make sure you keep your core tight, spine straight, and don’t let your low back sway. Remind yourself to create a straight line with your lifted leg and upper body. Lower yourself to the point of feeling a good stretch in your hamstring and then lift back through the hips, tapping your left foot on the ground if needed for balance before repeating all of your reps.

One Legged Squat (with reach across)-

This is a great One Legged Squat variation and will put the finishing touches on the booty burn. Switch your weight to the left hand, but stay standing on your right leg. Lift your left leg in the air slightly, engage your core, and find your balance point on your right leg with your weight centered in your booty and middle of your foot. Leaning forward will put a lot of weight into your knee and may cause pain. Keep your chest up, shoulders back, and look ahead or slightly out and down. Reach your left hand in front of your right knee and bend/squat as deep as you can without any pain. If you can tap the weight on the floor in front of your right foot, then you are an expert!

Happy booty burning and have a healthy, happy 2018! Love to you all!

Star Wars and Christmas go together like….hmm…let me think about that…