“Manners maketh man”…and woman

(Otherwise known as Buff Grandma’s pet peeves…and a big thanks to Kingsman: The Golden Circle for the title of this post!)

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m going there! Admit it – we all have pet peeves! And we are either on the giving or receiving end. I’m sure I am the cause of many’s pet peeves! I don’t know why it has hit me lately, but I just want to put some simple reminders out into the universe. It’s fun being a “blogger”- I can just write about whatever comes to my mind, whatever I want to vent about, or whatever I think might be useful to others;)

If someone sees a missed call from you and you didn’t leave a message, then it’s safe to assume it must not have been important (or that you “butt dialed” them). But, don’t give them a hard time for not calling you back. If you really need/want to talk to someone, please leave a message! If you still have a voice, you can leave a voicemail. If someone sends you a text and you don’t think it requires a response, still send one – even an “OK” or “got it” would suffice. Not responding is kind of like someone telling you something and then totally ignoring it. It’s a courtesy to simply let them know that you even got their text in the first place. Most people are not mind readers. If someone is waiting for an answer, then reply in a timely manner. Our rule of thumb for our business is to always respond within 24 hours. Often family or really close friends will give you a bit more grace if they are just wanting to touch base and catch up. Just don’t leave them hanging.
If you get an invite that requires an RSVP, then puh-leeze RSVP, whether it a yes or no! And do it on time! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of people never replying- it’s really ignoring the fact you even received the invite. People rely on those RSVP numbers for food, drink, seats, venue, etc. If you simply overlook it and forget, just call the sender and apologize, and make it happen the next time. Or you just might stop being invited…
If you get a gift from someone, say thank you! The day of writing thank you notes might be forgotten to many, but there are plenty of ways to say thank you! A hug and a thank you in person would be great. It is still a general “rule” to always send a thank you note when you receive a gift and the giver was NOT there to thank in person.  Many online “experts” say you can take up to 3 months to send a thank you note- seems a bit much to me, but it’s better late than never! If you don’t have any thank you cards, or you can’t write, there’s the phone- it still makes calls! Finally there’s texting. It might seem like the easy way out, but again, I still say it’s better than never saying thank you at all!! Any thank you is better than none and it lets the giver know you received the gift and appreciate the thought.
If you are meeting someone and running more than 5 minutes late, just let them know! There’s enough technology to inform them of your tardiness. And if you are the type that is always late, think about ways you can change that. It’s rude to the person or people waiting on you all of the time. (I have a daughter and a great friend that I still love and adore despite their tardiness, but they are usually good at letting people know they’re running late). It appears to the one waiting that you might think your time is more important than theirs. And once again, you might not get asked to go places or meet up with certain people again. There are apps and life coaches to help you learn how to be more timely.
And men (maybe in your case it’s actually the woman), don’t act put out when you “have to” watch the kids. You are the other parent, remember? So don’t act like a babysitter. They’re your kids, too. Take the opportunity to really connect with your kids and do something they want to do. Maybe play barbies, have a tea party, or engage in a child’s game that they’ve been begging to play. They’ll thank you someday and won’t feel like you never wanted to hangout with them unless you “had to”.
If someone is talking to you about something important, and you find yourself in a bit of a disagreement, don’t use the term “whatever”. Seems like such a simple, single word, but many people see it as a brush off- like you might as well say “that’s stupid”, “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “you’re not worth figuring this out with”, etc. As a recovering Passive-Agressive personality, this is a similar response. It is OK to be a nice person and still be assertive. And figuring out ways to communicate effectively with people shows maturity and respect.
A red light is actually red! And it really does mean stop! I know in Colorado there are a lot of color blind people, but it comes after yellow, and it means stop everywhere! Not plow through faster! And not sit and look around and then decide to just go ahead since you are too important to wait for it to turn green. I’ve seen too many accidents and close-calls because people think their time is too precious to stop at a light. It could just be your life you save…or my grandchildren’s.
In general, say please and thank you, open the door for others, have patience for the one going slow with a cane or wheelchair (it could be you someday!), respond if someone asks you how you’re doing or wishes you a good day, speak kindly (words really do hurt), and for goodness sake, cover your mouth! And not with your hand! Doesn’t everyone know by now that you cough or sneeze into your arm, not your hand?! Sigh 😔
Hope this wasn’t too snarky for you. Buff Grandma really is a nice person. I believe manners and treating others the way you want to be treated is of utmost importance. I promise next post won’t be so bossy;)