There are no excuses in heaven…

     Here’s the funny thing… the original title was going to be,“There ain’t no hangovers in Heaven” Oh wow, how does my mind even think of such things? 🤔 I have absolutely no idea, but somehow during the conversation with my grandma last night, it happened! I think it originated from her saying she had two beers the other evening while watching the basketball game and playing cards with the family (go Grandma!) She was surprised at herself and said that she never does that.  And I said, “Hey, at 91, why not just go for it?? You can’t get hangovers in heaven!” It made her laugh- hard! At least I can make one person laugh😛
     Somehow it started a snowball effect of random thoughts. And somehow I landed on EXCUSES (I did tell you that I have a somewhat damaged brain, right? The 182 voices can say many different things that aren’t related in any way whatsoever!)
     Oh boy, have I been bombarded with excuses from every angle this month! Professionally and personally. And I’ve caught myself dishing out some good ones, too!
     Are you good (or bad) at giving excuses? Excuses come out of our mouths for many reasons.  Don’t get me wrong- there can most definitely be valid excuses for things. I’m not talking about those. You know the kind of excuses I’m talking about. The excuses that limit your growth and potential in every aspect of life. The excuses that keep you from reaching your goals. If you sometimes find yourself feeling like a hot mess, or know someone who can dish out excuses for anything, then please read on!  If you’re not an excuse maker, you can skip this post and pass it along to someone who needs it;)
     Many excuses are just the reasons people spout out to make themselves feel better about why they DID or DIDN’T do or say something. They are used to justify behavior or actions that DID or DIDN’T happen. Excuses are all encompassing reasons that we all give ourselves or other people when we are trying to divert fault, rationalize and blame outside influences, ignore personal responsibility, avoid doing something we don’t want to do, etc.
     In our business we hear a lot of excuses. One common joke is that personal trainers get paid to hear excuses. But we have to encourage people and push them past those excuses, often giving them other options (sometimes it is really hard to think of how to refute an excuse!) Excuses most definitely get in people’s way of achieving their health and fitness goals, but excuses also find a way into almost every part of our lives. What are you allowing to suffer because of your excuses? Your health/exercise? Your weight? Your sleep? Spending quality time with your kids or spouse? Getting out of debt? Showing up at work on time? Excelling in a job? Finishing your education? A broken relationship? Your mental health? Fighting an addiction? Procrastination? Laziness? The way you treat others? Blaming others for your life circumstances instead of taking responsibility for change?
      Excuses can be toxic to many facets of our lives. They not only keep us from achieving a goal, but can lead to regret. We only have one life, and today might be the last day to live that life without excuses. What are you waiting for? Heaven? There are no excuses there; why not live for the here and now? Live the life you are capable of and enjoy the gift of another day given to you by God.
     The next time you catch yourself in an excuse to not do something, not change a behavior, or justify something, try giving yourself an opposite “excuse”. If you have a negative thought, try to counter it with a positive. Set attainable goals. Prioritize your daily tasks. Find someone to hold you accountable. Find a workout partner that counts on you. Set two alarms. Get up 20 minutes earlier. Research the things you don’t understand. Do not settle on an excuse. Make an effort. Challenge yourself. Take personal responsibility!!! See what happens…because you are worth it!
     And if you have someone in your life that always gives you excuses, and those excuses have turned into habitual excuses or lies, do yourself a favor- RUN!
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