Stealthy Workout (how to sneak in an effective little workout while stuck at home or work)


     Do you ever feel trapped behind your desk at work and think you have no time to workout? Do you find yourself sitting at home paying bills, reading, or cleaning, with no time to get some exercise? WRONG! You can sneak in a little workout. Just give me an hour. Gotcha! Not a full hour for the workout, just an hour when you know you are stuck at home or work and need a little “quickie” to get those endorphins going and blood flowing through your body. Then you’ll just need about 60 seconds every 10 minutes. Voila! You will have accumulated 45 push-ups and 45 squats! Enough to relieve some tension and stress, stimulate your nervous system, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
     Starting on the hour (your hour, not necessarily the clock’s hour) Warm up those legs by marching with knees high for 15 seconds, then do 15 squats or chair squats, based off your experience and strength. Wait about 10 minutes and wake up your upper body with 5 big arm circles in each direction, then do 15 push-ups. This can be against the wall for very beginner, a countertop, a desk, back of a couch, etc. Alternate between squats and push-ups approximately every 10 minutes, finishing the last set of push-ups at the top of the hour. Easy peasy! Nothing big or super difficult- just enough to get off that booty and do something good for your body and mind! There really are NO EXCUSES to not move your body!