Where are our coping skills?

Where are our coping skills??? Ugh! I find myself SMH (shaking my head) on a daily basis!

      What is going on in this world? Why are so many people unable to cope with life? What happened to “just put your big kid panties on and deal with it”?! Unable to deal with the pressure of school or the effects of bullying, teenagers are committing suicide at an alarming rate. And don’t even get me started on why bullies are bullies! That is a whole different blog post! People going on killing sprees because they are mad, disgruntled, ignored, or just for the sport of it. People lashing out with violence and profanity in the middle of so-called peaceful protests. And why are so many people marching about everything??? Yet another post;) Everyone fighting online. Rude people in stores and on the streets. Angry drivers in their cars making other “on edge” drivers mad and hunt them down, only to get in fights or crashes. People offended by anything and everything if it doesn’t align with their actions or opinions.
     Liars, cheaters, and criminals seem to be all around us. Is it vaccines? GMOs? Lack of sunshine and exercise? Too much sugar? Lack of two parent households that are involved in their children’s daily lives? Why do some people seem to be able to roll with life’s punches and others seem to crack at the slightest bit of stress or trauma? It does seem like society is changing. And wow, do I ever sound old even talking about this!
     I would like to say that there is a simple answer – and I think I will say it– it is GOD! A relationship with GOD! I might get a lot of heat for saying it, but I truly believe that we can get through anything if we look to God. It doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen. It doesn’t mean tragedies and traumatic events won’t touch us. It doesn’t mean we won’t get a chronic disease or lose loved ones to terminal illness. It doesn’t mean heartbreak, depression, or mental illness won’t affect us. But, it does mean that we will always have someone walking hand-in-hand with us through life’s challenges. There’s nothing that we can’t face if we have Him. And if we all had a relationship with God, wouldn’t it seem that this vicious cycle might slow down a bit?
      Yes, I said it. It might make me unpopular. You might choose not to “follow” me or my blog. But, I will forever CHOOSE to FOLLOW God. I think that our world needs HIM more than ever. May God bless you this week and may you seek to FOLLOW HIM.
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