PROTEIN pancakes!?! The word PROTEIN was all I needed to BAIT me into buying the mix and trying them! A girl can never miss an opportunity to get some more protein in (and not feel AS guilty when randomly wanting pancakes!) So today, I added blueberries and cinnamon, topped them with some good old peanut butter, and drizzled them with some pure maple syrup…and ate them for lunch! I knew that this combo of items (even if they are healthy) might just sit like a brick in my tummy, but I went for it anyway! And they did sit like a brick…three bricks as a matter of fact! HMMM..🤔
A few days ago… Nice sunny weather, no clouds in the sky, and lack of hurricane force winds, were BAIT to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery while doing something healthy for my body. It was so peaceful just being on my own, looking at Pikes Peak, and chatting with God. I had been using the crazy Spring weather and “being too busy” as excuses the past couple of weeks. By the way, this is GOOD BAIT!
That post on social media that just gets under your skin and BAITS you into engaging in a heated online argument. You might end up attacking someone personally and ultimately ending a friendship. Luckily, this hasn’t happened to me, but I know some that have experienced it! We all have triggers and some just can’t help themselves when hiding behind the safety of their screens.
The desire for more money, and the thought that making more, will make you happier and feel more satisfied in life. BAIT to focus only on work, work too many hours, disengage from your family and friends, buy that bigger house and more expensive car, only to realize your spouse and children feel ignored and unloved. Your overworked, tired, and have no deep relationships.
A shiny new credit card with 0% interest on all purchases for 12 months. BAIT to get people to sign up, shop, and then possibly never pay it off before they can tack on a whole year’s worth of interest! Good bait for the credit card company, but bad bait for you! I personally, have never fallen into this trap in my lifetime. Ha!😝
Engaging commercial on TV stating that you can lease a brand new car for only $199 a month! BAIT to get you in the door, only to realize that the advertised price doesn’t include big money down, taxes, fees, or any model other than the base model! (It is all in that really tiny print at the bottom of the screen!) I did fall into this trap last week, but ended up making a financial decision that I feel really good about! And I have a brand new car with NO extra maintenance costs but gas🤩
BAIT can be good or bad. I think that being diagnosed with MS was actually good BAIT for me in some ways. I needed to return my focus to living a healthier lifestyle and get rid of all the chemicals and fake sweeteners in my diet. I was more concerned about the calories than the negative side effects. This might not have been the reason for my disease, but it sure made me think about how to be as healthy a possible! Good bait is sometimes necessary in our lives, but are you keeping an eye out for the bad bait?
What kind of BAIT reels you in and gets you in a bad spot? I know that we have all been there at some point. That one little innocent thing that tempts you to just put your toe into the water. The “greatest sale ever” compelling you to go into a store, only to cause guilt, debt, or a broken budget? A casual drink with a friend, leading to an all out binger or further driving you into an addiction? An innocent online conversation with the opposite sex, leading to an inappropriate affair and broken marriage??
We need to be on the lookout for the traps. They are everywhere. Keep your eyes wide open. Protect your hearts. Be in prayer. Confide in close friends to keep you on track. Stop and think before you act. And ask, “Is it GOOD or BAD BAIT”?