Stop taking “it” for granted

Let me start by saying that I can’t believe it has been a month since I made a new post. I’m sure someone out there missed me, right? I know I hit a bit of a busy spell, along with a bit of a slump, but wow, does time fly! I really hit a wall with my blog. I started to wonder why I even was writing a blog for others to read? And who really cared to read it?

I didn’t go into this blog to try to make money or quit my day job. But, I guess I did have unrealistic expectations. Call it high hopes. I found myself getting disappointed because people weren’t “liking” or “sharing” my blog very often. Disappointed when I tried to build a silly social media following (all in an effort to build my “brand” in hopes to help a book deal) and realizing how fickle IG could be (I didn’t even know what “IG” meant until 6 months ago!) I found myself caring about the number of followers I had; even doing some tried and true things to help build followers. (I did not cave to the fake follower thing though! And why WOULD anyone do that by the way?)

I would see my numbers go up by a couple dozen at a time, only to see them drop by dozens in a matter of days. WHAT??? What is this crap? AND…WHY DO I CARE??? I had to finally say to myself, “Girl, you are old(ish), and just another random person writing about random stuff. You don’t have ‘that thing’. You aren’t a hip millennial. You don’t have an eye for high fashion.” Etc. etc. Get the point? I cared. Now…I don’t. I realized I have way better things to do than waste my time caring about stupid stuff. I will write when I feel inspired and if anyone cares to read it, hopefully it will mean something to them or inspire a change.


Which brings me to the “taking it for granted” thing…

It has been a week since I returned from a lovely three day weekend with my husband in one of our favorite spots, Crested Butte, Colorado. What a gorgeous and quaint mountain town! For almost 2 decades, whenever we’ve visited there, we’d talk about how we could live there or have a vacation home there. We are really good at long conversations about our hopes and dreams while on road trips. I definitely don’t take it for granted that I’m married to my best friend who actually enjoys talking with me. This trip was a little different. I got to thinking this time, what are we waiting for? We have always had an excuse. I am done with excuses…almost 😉 What in your life keeps you waiting to take a risk or make a change? I read this poignant writing recently:

I am so tired of everyone waiting. We spend our lives waiting for Friday, for next weekend, for summer to start, for the holidays to come, for winter to end, to make more friends, for college to start, for college to end, for real life to start, to move away… To move away from friends and family you know to an unknown place, to get our dream job, to meet the love of our life, for him to get down on one knee, for that special day to finally come, for children to be born, for them to start school, for them to get out of school, for them to get married and have children of their own. We spend our lives waiting.

After all is said and done, you’ll be waiting again… waiting to die. You’ll be lying on your deathbed waiting… still. Waiting for the time when you die and your love ones can finally move on with their lives. What an awful life to live… a life of waiting. Stop waiting and wasting time because you are living in the real world… Today… Every day.

Author unknown

Inspirational Quotes About Time Passing. QuotesGram

Good stuff, huh?!🤩 It is easy to take many things in our lives for granted. That we have our health; that we have options available to us on where to live; that we have different jobs to choose from; that we have met our “person” (this is what I call my husband. He is my person-he always has my back and loves me deeply.) That kind of love can’t be taken for granted. But, the biggest thing I think many of us frequently take for granted is TIME. Yes, time. We can do so much with time…but we don’t. The above paragraphs are so true – why are we always waiting? What holds us back from just doing something we dream of or truly loving someone with our best selves and no holding back? Our time will not always be here.

It is human nature for us to have fear. This is often what holds us back. The fear of the unknown. Fear of the risk involved. Fear of “what if”. But WHAT IF we could have a better life than we ever imagined? What if the adventures far outweigh any negatives that might happen along the way? What if we could love and be loved deeper than we ever thought possible? What if we could feel more fulfilled than we ever dreamed? It WON’T happen if you don’t just go for it. STOP WAITING! Time will not wait for you…


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