Stealthy Workout (how to sneak in an effective little workout while stuck at home or work)


     Do you ever feel trapped behind your desk at work and think you have no time to workout? Do you find yourself sitting at home paying bills, reading, or cleaning, with no time to get some exercise? WRONG! You can sneak in a little workout. Just give me an hour. Gotcha! Not a full hour for the workout, just an hour when you know you are stuck at home or work and need a little “quickie” to get those endorphins going and blood flowing through your body. Then you’ll just need about 60 seconds every 10 minutes. Voila! You will have accumulated 45 push-ups and 45 squats! Enough to relieve some tension and stress, stimulate your nervous system, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
     Starting on the hour (your hour, not necessarily the clock’s hour) Warm up those legs by marching with knees high for 15 seconds, then do 15 squats or chair squats, based off your experience and strength. Wait about 10 minutes and wake up your upper body with 5 big arm circles in each direction, then do 15 push-ups. This can be against the wall for very beginner, a countertop, a desk, back of a couch, etc. Alternate between squats and push-ups approximately every 10 minutes, finishing the last set of push-ups at the top of the hour. Easy peasy! Nothing big or super difficult- just enough to get off that booty and do something good for your body and mind! There really are NO EXCUSES to not move your body!

Need a little post-Christmas booty workout???

Hello faithful blog readers! My hope is that you all had a very blessed Christmas, and that you enjoyed every moment of making holiday memories with your loved ones as much as I did! And, if you’re anything like me, you overindulged in all of the holiday goodies- and enjoyed every bite of it (or sip!) I might as well have just taken my homemade cinnamon rolls and attached them directly to my butt! But that wouldn’t have been as much fun as enjoying eating them a couple times a day until they were out of my house! It has been awhile since I have done a workout blog, so here is a little “quickie but goodie” for you to enjoy as you wrap up 2017. This can be done in less than 10 minutes, and it can stand alone as your quick glute workout if you don’t have time for anything else. These exercises can be done with or without a weight in one hand. I usually hold a 15 pound dumbbell or kettlebell, but people often get sore with this booty set no matter what. These will help tone and lift your booty- and maybe work off a few of those holiday indulgences😉 Shoot for 10-12 reps of each exercise, on one leg. Do the giant set (all exercises in succession) with one leg, then switch legs. By the time you’re on the third exercise, your booty/hip should be feeling the burn on the working leg. Take a minute to rest/stretch, rinse and repeat. Try to do three sets total.

Curtsy Lunge-

Start by standing with feet together and weight in right hand. With your bodyweight staying on your right leg, reach your left foot back and to the right, and bend left knee towards the floor. Return your left foot back to starting position by pushing off of your right leg through the booty, keeping hips and shoulders square the entire movement. To keep my knees happy, I often don’t have as big as a sideways curtsy as some of my clients- my back foot often finds itself just slightly to the outside of my standing hip. Pay attention to your range of motion and specific needs. 

“One Leg” Stiff Legged Deadlifts-

This is a variation of a typical Stiff Legged Deadlift. It targets the hamstrings and the booty, and is great for stabilizing/strengthening the hips. It is also great for balance! Don’t feel bad if you do a little wobbling as you get these down. Standing with the feet together and weight in the right hand, slowly hinge at the hips and lift left leg in the air. Keep the hips and shoulders square and look straight ahead or gaze slightly down. Make sure you keep your core tight, spine straight, and don’t let your low back sway. Remind yourself to create a straight line with your lifted leg and upper body. Lower yourself to the point of feeling a good stretch in your hamstring and then lift back through the hips, tapping your left foot on the ground if needed for balance before repeating all of your reps.

One Legged Squat (with reach across)-

This is a great One Legged Squat variation and will put the finishing touches on the booty burn. Switch your weight to the left hand, but stay standing on your right leg. Lift your left leg in the air slightly, engage your core, and find your balance point on your right leg with your weight centered in your booty and middle of your foot. Leaning forward will put a lot of weight into your knee and may cause pain. Keep your chest up, shoulders back, and look ahead or slightly out and down. Reach your left hand in front of your right knee and bend/squat as deep as you can without any pain. If you can tap the weight on the floor in front of your right foot, then you are an expert!

Happy booty burning and have a healthy, happy 2018! Love to you all!

Star Wars and Christmas go together like….hmm…let me think about that…

It’s my duty to work that booty!

RULE 1: “ACTIVATE/FIRE/ENGAGE” THOSE GLUTES! Whatever term resonates with you, use it…and learn how!

One of the most asked questions in my business is, “how do I get a firm booty?” And the answer most trainers give is “do more squats and lunges!” Well those ARE a couple of the best exercises for the backside, but many people either don’t do them correctly, or don’t know how to truly use their glutes. So one thing I have been doing recently with my clients is starting with glute “activation” exercises before we move on to the bigger leg/glute exercises. These are often the silly looking exercises known to have caused some serious giggling among those in their 80’s aerobics classes! (Can’t you just hear Jane Fonda saying, “10 more…squeeze, squeeze”? And she still looks amazing!!) But they are great moves and can benefit everyone from the couch potato to the athlete. Learning to truly use your glutes can help lessen back pain, reduce risk of injury, improve speed and strength, and help with posture. And BONUS: you’ll have strong, gorgeous legs and a great booty!

Don’t do all of these at once- just pick two or three to focus on before your workout to wake up that butt! I like to do a few sets of 2 or 3 exercises on a non-workout day to keep my hips loosened up and my booty working! Here’s a sampling of some of the BEST GLUTE FIRING EXERCISES! Put on those leg warmers (and an exercise “mini” band to add difficulty) and get moving!


It is important to keep a soft bend in your knees (we call this an athletic stance), don’t let your knees “cave in”, keep your feet apart, and keep tension on the band throughout the moves. Always make sure you engage your core when doing any exercise (think pulling belly button towards your spine) To make the exercise easier, just put the band above your knees. Start by walking forward slowly with exaggerated steps. 10-20 steps should do the trick. Then repeat backwards, and to each side, one direction at a time. I usually have people do enough of these to really feel a good burn in the glutes and hips. For a little extra fun, try walking on your tip toes forward and backward while keeping tension on the band. Woo hoo! Talk about a burn!



This exercise really helps with my tight hips and low back stiffness. Keep your feet together and open your hips as much as you can without pain. Pause briefly at the top of the motion and concentrate on using the glutes. A couple of sets of 15 reps should do the trick! Remember to keep that core strong!



This is a good exercise for your core (abdominals and back), but it gets some blood flowing throughout the whole body. Start with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. With your right foot flexed, drive your leg straight out as if reaching toward the wall behind you. Then reach your left arm straight out in front of your head, keeping your arm to the floor. Yes, opposite arm and leg- this helps with stability as well! Make sure you keep your core strong (belly button pulled towards the ceiling). Squeeze your glutes and hold the movement for a couple of seconds before lowering arm and leg.  About 10 reps , then switch to the other side. To advance the movement a bit, raise your leg as high as you can without arching your low back. Squeeze that booty!



This is a good move to strengthen your glutes and open up your hips. The band will help really activate those glutes by adding tension throughout the exercise. It is important to keep your core tight so you won’t hyperextend your low back while trying to get your hips higher. Squeeze your glutes, go slow, and hold for a couple of seconds at the top. You can make it more difficult by lifting one leg up, stabilizing your core, and doing a slow one legged bridge as pictured. Try holding your leg up with knees at the same height and thighs parallel. And to advance a bit more, really raise that leg and keep it high throughout! 10-15 reps should be good…



Lie flat on the ground and rest your head on your hands. Engage your core! This is an exercise that can hurt your low back if you don’t do the move correctly! Slowly lift one leg up as high as is comfortable without using your back- just use the glutes to do the lift! Hold for a second and slowly lower. 10 reps on reach side…



Wake up the glute medius! (now you can impress your friends with the super knowledge of your booty muscles!) This is an important piece to the booty puzzle as it helps maintain balance, stabilize hips, and helps prevent knee and ankle injuries. Start with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.  Flex both of your feet. Raise one leg out to the side while keeping arms straight and core tight. Make sure you keep a 90 degree bend, squeeze the booty, and move slowly throughout. 12-15 reps before switching sides.



Another awesome exercise for the core and glutes! Once again, start on your hands and knees, feet flexed, and core engaged. Lift one leg straight up – think of pushing the bottom of your foot straight up to the ceiling. Make sure you are squeezing your glutes and not arching your low back as you move through the entire movement. Be careful not to let your knee flare out to the side- keep it in line with your hip. Hold at the top and move slowly through 12-15 reps before switching legs. You can make this harder if you want to really challenge your backside: squeeze a dumbbell in the crook of your knee and slowly go through the reps.



Where are the workouts???

Well who knew that it took so long to write out explanations of exercises so that people reading could fully understand and duplicate?? Remember the writing exercise from grade school when you had to explain how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? And then someone had to read it and act it out word for word? It usually turned out pretty crazy! Like a whole jar of peanut butter smashed down on a bag of bread!!

And pictures?! Don’t even get me started!! I’m hoping to have the pictures to go with the workouts this week (it’ll only be my third attempt!)

Please don’t give up on this section of my blog…I WILL succeed and hopefully have an end product that you will enjoy! 😉💪🏻